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June 30, 2008





My Love...

My love for you feels hard and rough

my soul is cold and dry

I need you in my heart and mind

but I know I'm living a lie

My mind is racing my heart is pounding

my love grows ever more

but I can't stop dreaming of a simple life

to be with you I'm living for

My time to wait is running out

my patience running thin

I cannot handle a lonely life

i need you or I'll give in

June 29, 2008


FRIENDS will come and friends will go,

The seasons change and it will show, i will age and so will you,

But our friendship stays, strong and true.


I am a rose,you are my throns,clutting to me, protecting me.

I am the sun, ou are my rays, helping me to shine.

I am a lake you are my water,filling me with ideas,dreams and hope for the future.

I am a tree , you are my leaves, sharing who and what i am and becoming an important part of my life.

I am a heart you are my beat, beating rhythmically to my happiness,

my fear, my sadness,my excitement.

I am me you are with me to share all that i am. to share life,love and happiness.always


We all need love...... just like fish need water,

LOVE is very essence and core of ours.
love is the most precious emotion in a human being.

We all need love......
just like fish need water,

lovers day is celebrated on february 14th.
Everybody has been celebrating this special day for years and years..

without love in our lives we are empowered beyond belief.

June 28, 2008

WHY we fall in love ?..

WHY we fall in love ?..

When you are young, passion is so strong that it’s almost impossible to stop loving someone! But ever thought why this happens? Well, it’s all in the brain. First comes initial attraction, the spark. Then comes the wild dizzying infatuation of romance – a unique magic between two people who can’t stop thinking about each other. The brain uses its chemical arsenal to focus our attention on one person, forsaking all others - say research scientists.
The brain in its first phase of love is much like a brain on drugs, i.e. the cravings and pleasure unleashed are as strong as any drug. And certain regions in the brain are deactivated, such as within the ‘amygdala’, associated with fear. That’s why you can do many insane things, when in love.
All these ‘falling for’ episodes are actually the effects of conflicting reactions of the front brain and the middle brain. The front brain is believed to be the logical thinker, with reasoning and experience. So while the front brain is lecturing you about the flirtatious nature of the girl and telling you that she is the wrong person for a long time steady relationship, the middle brain is awed by her sexy thighs, deep cleavage and her come-hither stare.
And alas, when it comes to choosing mates, even smart neurons in the brain can make dumb choices. So if the owner of the brain is in 20s, all bets are off. But if the brain’s owner is in his 40s he might think twice about that cleavage baring temptress, and might listen to his front brain.
So who would you like to listen to – the middle or the front brain?